Katrina Kaif and Sonakshi Sinha at war

Mumbai: The Bollywood superstar Sonakshi Sinha has managed to upset several persons from the film industry of tinsel town. In spite of her real success due to the movie production called Dabangg, the B-town actress is not that well liked in the industry. Rumors are that the blame for this is the over confident attitude of the item girl, which has managed to upset mostly Katrina Kaif.

Many voices say that Sonakshi Sinha has said a few less pleasant things about Katrina, even though she has not said anything unpleasant about the debutant actress. A source close to Kaif has said that “Katrina is hardly bothered by all this, she’s been around long enough to not be bothered by such baseless talks. But her producers are not taking it lightly that someone is targeting their actor.”

Rumors are that from respect to Sonakshi’s father, many from the tinsel town industry did not speak openly about this, but the issue has been discussed in private. It’s interesting to see how this will evolve.

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