Katrina Kaif needs her beauty sleep

Mumbai: The latest buzz in the B-town industry is related to the unexpected burst up of the actress Katrina Kaif. When she was on the airplane on the promotion tour of Tees Maar Khan she happened to fall asleep. But she did not fasten her seat belt. Even though the air attainder called her name twice she still did not respond as she was sleeping very deep because she was tired.

At this point the stewardess came to her and taped on her shoulder very gently in order to wake her up and make her fasten her seat belt. Katrina was not at all pleased by the fact that she disturbed her beauty sleep and she started shouting at the stewardess.

Everybody was more than shocked to see the Bollywood super star behave in such a rood manner. A source told us that Kat shouted ‘How dare you touch me? Don’t you know who I am?’ But right after this, Katrina simply went back to sleep as if nothing had happened.

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  1. Supriya Aroor January 13, 2011

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