Katrina Kaif no interest in IPL

Mumbai: There have been several rumors regarding the involvement of the beautiful Bollywood actress in the Kochi Indian Premier League. However it appears that all of the rumors have been false, as Katrina Kaif is in no way involved in any IPL event this year. The official spokesperson of the Bollywood super star has said in a recent interview that Katrina is not nor will be the brand ambassador for Pune Warriors as it was said.

After the Bollywood super star stopped being the brand ambassador for the Royal Challengers Bangalore quite recently, there has been lots of talks about a possible new upcoming venture with yet another team from IPL, but the rumors turned down to be untruth. “These reports are untrue and Katrina is not part of any franchise this year,” said Katrina Kaif’s official spokesperson in a recent statement.

So it seems that we will not have the change of seeing her taking part in any IPL event for quite some time at least, as she is not interested in IPL this year.

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