Katrina Kaif stars in Jha’s production

The Bollywood actress managed to gain quite a few accolades due to her performance in the film Raajneeti of Prakash Jha. However, the next production of Jha did not featured the lovely actress, this being quite a shock to all in the B-town industry. But as Katrina Kaif proved, that was not her last chance to work with the famous film maker. She did not worry for a minute about this and now she will be the star in Jha’s Satsang.

In this latest production from the Bollywood film industry, the actress Katrina Kaif will be playing the part of girl from the west. She is very much in search of her spirituality. Her role is anon glamorous one, as she will not be wearing any make up and will be dressed in donning ochre robes. This is indeed a new look for the hot actress of Bollywood.

The filming of the movie will begin only after the director will be finished his current film Aarakshan and Katrina is looking forward to it.

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