Katrina Kaif wants children before she turns 33

Mumbai: Thanks to a recent interview granted by the B-town actress Katrina Kaif to the Vogue magazine we were able to find out many and interesting things about the B-town celebrity. For instants we discovered the fact that Kat did not had an easy time while growing up. She saw just how hard it was for her mother to raise her and that is how she understood the need of having a man around. As for her adolescence, it appears that the actress did not have many friends while growing up, mostly due to the fact that she was moving quite often in that period of her life.

She also said that she intends to have children by the time she turns 33 years old. She would prefer to be married by that time, as she believes it is of the most importance of having a solid relationship before having children. This fact will also require the feeling of security. The interview presents another side of Katrina Kaif, never seen before.

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