Katrina Plans to Become Producer

Inspiration can take you places and it can make you do things that you have never imagined. Well, something similar is happening to Katrina these days after she saw Imran Khan interacting with his wife Avantika. This looks like that Katrina Kaif finally felt the pain that she is not really lucky in love and that she might have to wait some more time to finally find someone who can love her more religiously and keep her happy. However, this has inspired Katrina to produce a romantic film that she is ready to produce and probably write herself. katrina-kaif

Talking about the idea of her movie, Katrina said that she is very much taken away by the idea of intense love and she wants to produce a film where the core concept of the movie is pure love which stays forever. Katrina did reveal to one of her friends that she envied that Avantika has such a loving husband who really is there for her all the time and loves her so much. This is exactly why the idea of pure love is making Katrina feel that she should direct something that she follows. She has not yet confirmed but she did mention that she may write the story of the movie herself if she didn’t find the right script.

Speaking more about the movie, Katrina said that this movie would be her fantasy love story. Although, the story might not be prevalent in the current society or scenario but she would still like to go ahead and come up with some brilliant script where she could showcase the power and magic of true timeless love. Katrina and Imran were currently working together for Mere Brother Ki Dulhan, but now if Katrina produces this love story of hers we will see Imran and Katrina as lovers ready to sacrifice their lives for each other and for their love.

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