Katrina wants to be loved by Aamir

The diva Katrina Kaif has co-starred is many movies since the beginning of career, and has been paired up with all the greatest names in Bollywood. One might thing she has had enough of romancing different people in front of the cameras, but that doesn’t appear to be the case.

Apparently, Katrina has a list of names of actors she would like to co-star with in her next films. Her dream role is at the side of the Mr. Perfectionist himself, Aamir Khan. She does not have a dream role, but three different ones. The first that comes to mind is a period time, as she believes that there are not enough films of the kind. Her second dream role is a romantic tragedy, a sort of “Devdas”, while her third dream role is an action film such as “Charlie’s Angels”, or “Salt”, the actress confessed.

In all the above roles, she said she would like to co-star Aamir Khan. She added she loved the way he acted in his latest films.

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