Konkona Sen Sharma On Break

In the last few month actress Konkona Sen Sharma has been buried in work. That is the reason why she is going to take a well deserved break until the summer. Just after Christmas she will start her vacation time. The actress declared that she is more than eager to catch the release of her latest films, and that she is delighted that she has been given the opportunity to star in so many different cinemas.

‘Iti Mrinalini’ is one of her favorite films due to the fact that it has been made by her mother Aparna Sen. The actress state that she can’t wait to see it on screen, especially because of her mother directorial venture. The viewers are also very curious to see Konkona Sen Sharma in her mother’s production.

Referring to the reaction of the Indian society who does not want to accept sex on the big screen, Konkona stated that things are beginning to chance and the society is more and more comfortable with this subject.

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