L’Oreal doesn’t want Ash

Mumbai: It seems that now the rumors are official. For a few days the buzz all over town has that the international cosmetic brand of L’Oreal was thinking to replace Ash by a fresh face. The person in question was supposed to be Freida Pinta, known to the public mostly for her representation in the international super hit film Slumdog Millionaire.

In an official statement, the spokespersons of the cosmetic giant have said that indeed Aishwarya Rai had been replaced by Freida Pinto. Both of the persons in questions, 37 years old actress Ash and the 26 years old actress Freida have been faces for some of the company’s products in India. It all started with the New Year commercial from which Ash was excluded.

Until this moment, we were not informed of the reasons which lead to this decision of replacing Ash with Freida. One can think that is mainly a matter of age, as the super star from Slumdog Millionaire is much younger. The Bollywood actress Ash Rai did not make any comment on this subject.

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