Lara Duta has set her eyes on Manesh Bhupathi

Mumbai: It seems that the rumors are now official, Indian super star of tennis Manesh Bupathi has proposed to Lara Dutta. The two super stars will now be getting married and they set the date for February 19. As a source has told us, the wedding will take place in a hot hotel from Goa.

As the mass media has stated, it seems that the Indian tennis super star has recently got his divorce from ex wife Shweta Jaishankar. He wanted to settle all of his problems in his personal life. Before getting involved with Manesh Bhupathi, Lara Duta had quite a serious relationship with Dino Morea and prior to that with Kelly Dorje.

Friends close to both of them have said that Lara Data and Manesh Bhupathi are very excited about having their wedding and party in Goa, as it is a place which they both love. They are very confident that they will feel just like home here, and that the wedding will be the one of their dreams.

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