Lara Dutt will not invited her ex to her wedding

Mumbai: The latest rumors in the B-town entertainment industry are related to the wedding of the lovely Lara Dutt. She will be getting married with the celebrity Manesh Bhupathi. Everyone all over town is talking about this happy event but also about the fact that the bride to be does not intend to invite her ex boyfriend.

This is quite intriguing considering that the guest list of the event is very long. A source close to the actress has informed us that Lara Dutt is very close friend to both her ex lover Dino and his girlfriend Kelly, still she has made the decision of not asking them to the happy event in her life.

The same source said that the main reason for this decision is that Lara does not want to have any awkward situations at her wedding. However we should consider that the actress ended her relationship with Dino in a bad and bitterly way, so it should come as no surprise the fact she did not asked her to the wedding.

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