Lara Dutta – a perfectionist

Mumbai: The word on the street is that the Bollywood celebrity Lara Dutta is on the way of turning into a real perfectionist. Many sources close to the actress have stated that Lara has been centering her entire attention has been focused on every little detail of the music launch for the actresses next movie production.

Even during the filming of the flick, she has shown a similar side of her. For instants, for a particular shot, Lara demanded that a special jacket would be brought to her from London. According to a source, “she was emphasizing on the importance of authenticity. And since this was Dutta’s maiden production venture, nothing could stop her from going that extra mile, or spending that extra buck.”

Lara really believed that the jacket in question was very important for the outcome of the scene and she did her best to get it – which she in fact succeeded. When she got hold on the jacket, the actress was happy. We have to say that being the producer of your own movie has its perks.

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