Larra Dutta sent her wedding invitations

Mumbai: These past few weeks, the Bollywood actress Lara Dutta has been quite busy with preparation for her weeding. In fact in seems that recently the wedding invitations were ready and she sent them to her guest. As expected the party will not be a small one, in fact many B-town celebrities are expected to attend the event.

Sources have informed us that amongst the quest will be none other than Salman Khan and SRK. This is expected to spice things up. As everyone knows the two actors have a tendency to misbehave one in the presence of each other. Or maybe we are wrong and the two celebrities will be indifferent regarding each other. In any case it is a moment expected by many.

There were two invitation cards, one for the February 18th, when the sangeet will be held, and the other invitation is for the 19th of February when the marriage ceremony will take place. Both of the cards have quite a beautiful English design, as sources have informed us.

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