Madhavan become fond of Kangana Ranaut

Mumbai: As the actor himself admits it he really liked to work alongside Bollywood actress Knagana Ranaut in the filming of ‘Tanu Weds Manu’. In fact, the international actor was so impressed by the Bollywood beauty that he wanted to add that he has become quite fond of her and also attracted to her.

He also wanted to add that he would be more than interested to do future ventures with this lovely tinsel town celebrity. In a recent interview the actor R. Madhavan said that he was more than surprised to discover that the actress is indeed a profesionla who takes her work quite seriously and put all of her energy into the making of the film. In his opinion, she really made a huge contribution to her role.

During his experience as an actor, Madhavan never encountered such an actress. We have to say that Madhavan was really taken with the Bollywood super star Kangana Ranaut. Therefore, some future collaboration between the two is not going to surprise anyone.

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