Madhuri Dixit on Jhalak

Mumbai: In a recent interview the programming head from Sony, none other than Ajay Bhalwankar said that he has been trying really hard to get the dancing diva of Bollywood Madhuri Dixit to be the judge of the popular show for two seasons in a row. She is very well known for her dancing skills, therefore the entire staff considered that Madhuri was indeed the perfect choice for the show.

The director also wanted to add that Madhuri really managed to bring to the show an air of freshness, not to mention the fact that she is an extremely honest judge. Probably this is way this last season of the television show was the highest TRP earner. There is no doubt about it, Madhuri Dixit is to ‘blame’ for this.

Even though the Bollywood super star Madhuri Dixit is not so young she can still manage to get the attention of everyone in India. In fact ever since she came to the country in November she has grabbed the spotlight entirely.

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