Madhuri Dixit says no to love scene

Mumbai: We have heard that the Bollywood icon, none other than Madhuri Dixit has said no to Rajinikanth’s proposal to act opposite him in a new film production. Even though he is quite popular in the film industry of tinsel town, he could not get the lovely actress to act in his movie.

As sources have informed us, Rajinikanth has offered the star of Dhak Dhak one of the three leading roles in his upcoming movie project. The two Bollywood actors have been seen acting together in the year of 1987, when they both shared screen space in the film Uttar Daks, and rumors are that the actor was really interested in working again with Madhuri in the movie ‘Rana’.

The reason for which the actress refused the part in the film was that she wanted to fly back in the US, as she was missing her sons very much. Still rumors are that she did not want to perform a love scene with the actor Rajinikanth in the upcoming film venture.

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