Madhuri wants to open dance school

Mumbai: The latest buzz in the entertainment industry of B-town is related to the unexpected news that the famous super star Madhuri Dixit wants to open her own dance school. It seems that the lovely Bollywood actress has had this dream ever since she was an young girl. And now she is really thinking about going international, as does not want only to open a singular school but several all over the world.

In a recent interview the super star of tinsel town has stated that she does not  have a ready plan regarding the dance schools but she really believes it will happen in the near future if she truly wants this thing.

She wanted to add that the plans regarding this schools of dance are already in her head, but not she only has to put them in practice. The actress who has established herself in Denver for over ten years said that she has never forgot to practice her dance moves, as this brings her a lot of joy.

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