Maisie said that doing the sword fighting scene was just like dancing

Los Angeles California – If you ever heard of the term ‘winter is coming’, you might think that it resembles with ‘death is coming’ since this is what is happening in one of the most viewed television drama “Game of Thrones.”  This Sunday will be fatal for one of the prime star of the show.


In one interview with the teenage actress Maisie Williams, who is also the one playing the role of Aya Stark in the hit series.  She said that she got shocked upon knowing the plot of this week’s scene.


The young actress revealed that as soon as her parent reviewed the script, her mom went upstairs and told her that they are going to kill her on-screen dad.  She was shock at the script since this is the first time that she will be working with the actor who played as former King’s Hand Ned Stark (Sean Bean).


The filming was hard and long for the death scene since it has a lot of different angles.  Every single angled were all important and she was excited to see how it was done, exclaimed Maisie.


The young actress has a mixed emotions over the death of her on-screen father and with the knowing the fact that Sean will not be returning back to the show next season.


They already lost of lot of people in the show.  For her, the whole thing was weird since she just started doing some acting scene with Sean and now he will be leaving the show.  She is saddened by the fact that she will not be seeing Sean on the set but she knows that there are more people who will come and work with her.


Talking about her recent scene where she will be wielding a sword on her hand and ends up killing her father.  She noted that the sword fighting was just like dancing.


At the end of the interview, Maisie said that she hopes that there will be more projects to come for her.  She wants to do almost everything to hone her skill in acting.


June 19 will be start of the season finale of “Game of Thrones.”


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