Mallika hosts a party in LA

Los Angeles: the hot Bollywood super star will be hosting a bash in the city of LA in order to celebrate her latest movie made in Hollywood. The production is called ‘Politics of Love’ and has been getting quite a lot of acclaim. At the moment, the Bollywood actress is very caught up in her TV talent show, but as soon as she finishes her work she will take care of the party.

Source state that actress Mallika Sherawat put all of her energy in planning this event. She is more than determined to make the bash a smashing hit and the talk of the town. Rumors are that the guest list will include some of the most renowned stars in Hollywood.

Source close to the actress say that she wants very much for her TV to succeed, as the ratings are not very encouraging. Not even Hisss did not do so well at the box office, still the hot Bollywood actress managed to grab the headlines thanks to her sexy performance.

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