Mallika No More Just a Bollywood Girl

Not many were happy with the way Mallika Sherawat made her way into Bollywood and I am sure not many will be happy with the fame that she has amassed globally. It seems Mallika now is nore limited her roots to Bollywood but is expanding them way beyond the usual Indian cinema. Not only is she being popular in Tollywood but is also gathering votes in Hollywood. ‘Politics of Love’ the Hollywood Romantic Comedy which was released in the United States of America last August has also received accolades all over. You might find it difficult to find the pretty lady difficult to get an interview with but once if you have it you will find her really well spoken and frank. Mallika who made her Hollywood debut with ‘Myth’ got lucky in acting with co-star Jackie Chan. Though her role was limited in the movie she gathered quite some fame in the Hollywood circle. Her latest endeavour William Dear’s ‘Politics of Love is now being praised by one and all. Mallika plays an Indian-American democratic campaign worker in the Hollywood flick. The actress is also states to start another Hollywood movie by this month. The project is stated to be announced soon. “It’s thanks to this movie that I am now being represented by Untitle, a top management in Hollywood. They represent Madonna, Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher. Everything is looking good. It’s a great phase for me right now,” Mallika was heard quoting. Mallika is also pretty excited about the Indian release of the ‘Politics of Love’ however she is not quite sure of the type of response it will receive here. “I am very proud of the film. Just look at the cast, there’s Loretta Devine, an Oscar nominee and Gerry Bednob, an Oscar winner. It’s directed by William, who has made a lot of American classics, not to forget the glowing reviews of the film in the Los Angeles Times. But it has me falling in love with a black-American (Brian White), and that makes me unsure of the audience reaction here,” Mallika again quoted. The actress now-a-days is pretty busy travelling between Los Angeles and Mumbai is striving hard to keep a balance between her East and West lives. Mallika also states that Hollywood is slowly opening up to Artists from all over the globe. It was perhaps the success of Slumdog that brough India in the limelight. Other artists like Gulshan Grover, Anil Kapoor and A.R. Rahman are also doing pretty well in the west.

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