Mallika puts Hollywood aside

Mumbai: it seems that actress Mallika Sherawat is starting to be less interested in Hollywood projects and more interested by the B-town ones. The latest buzz is that Mallika has started to put all of her attention on some home based projects. As sources have stated, the hot item girl will be starring in the picture ‘Dhamaal 2’.

The movie production has already started to be the talk of the town, since it has been said that Mallika will perform in it and in addition she will present her sharp wit avatar in the picture. ‘Dhamaal 2’ is in the spot light also because the rumors of the way in which Kangana and Mallika get along on the set have made the delight of the audience.

It was a surprise for everyone to see Mallika Sherawat putting aside her career in Hollywood. After this film will be finished, sources say that she will continue to star in a few Hindi pictures, before making her way back to the film industry of Hollywood.

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