Mallika Sherawat at Oscar ceremony

Mumbai: It is more than obvious that Mallika Sherawat’s decision to arrive early at the Oscar’s red carpet was not a very inspired one. the actress got there way to early, at a time when even the reporters did not arrived. The large part of reporters, photographers and Television staff hand not attained.

From what we were able to understand, it seems that Mallika intended to get at the location in advance. Officially, the event start at 3 pm, but nobody arrives there before 4 pm. Not even the photographers or the journalist do not get at the location before 3 pm. Still, Mallika did not took this fact into consideration and arrive on the red carpet at 2:50pm, a lot more early than the other celebrities on the guest list.

Therefore only a few photographers managed to take photo of the Bollywood actress, as the majority of them had not arrived at that time. She finished the red carpet in less than half an hour, although one usually finishes in an hour and a half.

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