Mallika Sherawat doesn’t have permission to dance


The Rajasthan University will host the inauguration of their office of the students. With this occasion, the Bollywood super star, Mallika Sherawat will also attend the event. However, sources have stated that the item girl did not gain permission to dance at the event on the latest Bollywood tunes.

The one that took this surprising decision was none other than the vice president called B L Sharma. Still we have not heard an official comment from the vice president.

Many of the students are nonetheless very upset and disappointed as they were really waiting to see the Bollywood item girl performing one of her famous and well liked dances. The students made another effort and asked the management of the university to reconsider their ruling, but without success so far.

The president of the union of research said that they will follow the indications, but if the Bollywood super star Mallika Sherawat decides to dance, they do not want to be held responsible. Students really hope that she will dance on her own.

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