Mallika Sherawat has tea with US president, Barack Obama

Los Angeles: The sexy Bollywood actress Mallika Sherawat is having a more than pleasant time in the USA. As the president of the United States was in LA, he passed an invitation to Mallika to have tea on Thursday. Naturally, the actress was delighted to receive such an invitation, and immediately accepted. Mallika and Obama had a very interesting chit-chat.

Though the conversation was brief, we must admit that the sexy actress is a very lucky woman. Mallika is now starring in a new flick, with a story based on the presidential elections from 2008. The film is entitled “Politics of Love”, and the president Barack Obama is very interested it. He specifically asked Mallika to invite him at the premiere of this film.

The actress could not create a niche in Bollywood, so she made the decision to move base to Los Angeles, and try out Hollywood. Once here, she managed to prove herself and she did quite a few projects. After “Politics of Love”, Mallika will star in “Dhamaal 2”.

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