Mallika Sherawat in reality show

Mumbai: The latest rumors all over town are that the beautiful celebrity of B-town Mallika Sherawat is about to be kicked out from the reality TV show called Chak Dhoom Dhoom. According to the Mumbai Mirror publication, it seems that the TV station Colors it considering giving up the services of the actress.

However they are only going to do that if she will not decide to mend her ways. After only an appearance in the TV reality show, the producers are considering to eliminate her from the project. Her first appearance could also be the last.

It appears that the loved Hollywood actress is not that popular in the B-town industry. Already she has managed to place herself in the bad books of almost everyone. A source said that during the filming, the actress simply left complaining that her launch pause was not enough for her. The same source added that the producers have worked in the past with super stars such as Salman Khan but they all acted in a professional manner.

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