Mallika Sherawat in the Hollywood ‘Love, Barack’

Mumbai: The chances of the Hollywood production to be released in teaters are quite low, so we expect for the movie to be released directly on DVD, which is actually a common practice in the West. The film production ‘Love, Barack’ is the second international production in which stars the Bollywood actress Mallika Sherawat. The project was directed by William Dear and stared the well liked Laz Alonso. In the film, the B-town actress Mallika Sherawat plays the part of young politician called Aretha Gupta who is a strong support of Obama and a democrat.

The buzz is that the problem behind the release is the fact that the recession still affects the movie distribution market of the west. Also the fact that the actor is not a very well know one, it was quite difficult to find a distributor. This news was indeed quite disturbing for the actress Mallika Sherawat, which has been interested in acting in Hollywood for quite some time now. So all the promotion in which she took part these past few months, has gone down the drain.

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