Mallika Sherawat keeps distance from Kanga Ranaut

Even though the latest films in which actress Mallika Sherawat starred were not a smashing success at the box office, the Bollywood actress is still very self aware. She even made a few international appearances in film, and even started to make a place for her in the film industry of Hollywood.

It seems that all of her latest steps in the film industry have made her very aware of her, and the Bollywood actress started to have a high handed attitude. Rumors are than during the shooting of Dhamaal 2 the Bollywood actress Mallika Sherawat subjected her co star actress Kangna Ranaut to quite an unfriendly treatment.

Sources close to the two state that indeed both of them kept the distance one from another even from the first day. There were quite a few cold vibes between them, which everyone could feel. Still, one has to mention that the two superstars did manage to act like true professionals. After filming the scenes, they would simply return to their own vans.

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