Mallika Sherawat wins case

Mumbai: The well liked Bollywood actress Mallika Sherawat was managed to win the case that was filled against her. It seems that the claim of this unexpected case was the fact that the actress has performed an “obscene” item number at a prestigious five star hotel. The one that filled the case were the Indian morality campaigner called Vinod Jain.

The dance that made the subject of this lawsuit was aired live on the television in the year of 2006. In an interview granted to the Mumbai Mirror, the campaigner Vinod Jain stated that he will not stop regarding this case, and that he will continue to fight. He wanted to add that this was not the end of the journey for him. He will continue to sustain his claim.

Even though the Bollywood super star was cleared from all charges, Vinod Jain is more than determined to bring the case in front of the high court. A few years back the film authority from Pakistan tried to censor a few scenes from Mallika’s film.

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