Mandira Bedi shows off her body

Mumbai: Mandira Bedi may not be one of the most famous actresses in Bollywood, but surely most you know her from TV and films. Perhaps she wants to get more attention, or maybe she just couldn’t refuse the offer made by Vogue magazine.

The fact is, actress Mandira Bedi put her inhibitions aside, along with her clothes, and made a very hot (to say the least) photo shoot for the magazine. The actress showed her beautiful shapes by posing topless for the cover of the magazine.

Whatever her purpose was, one thing is sure: Mandira managed to get in the spotlight, and will probably be here for a while. Het tattooed abs and greatly toned body, apart from other anatomical parts flaunted in the magazine pages, have caught the eyes of many people in India.

For all the ladies reading Vogue, Mandira shared her diet plan and fitness programme, and reveals that the reason she looks the way she does (incredibly hot!) is because she has a great wil power, which keeps her going and pushes her forwards.

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