Manisha Koirala – yesterday actress, today painter

Manisha Koirala, a pleasant presence in Bollywood, is also one of the celebrities with the strongest personality in India. After her wedding, Manisha had a very challenging job to become a simple wife in Kathmandu, and live this type of life. Rumors going round now say that Manisha and her husband, Samrat, are having issues in their marriage.

Close friends of the two are saying that both of them, especially Manisha, are doing their best to make things work. Apparently, Manisha is having a hard time blending in Samrat’s family. She will not quit too easily though, as she is determined to work out the issues and have a happy marriage.

Manisha has one activity that keeps her mind of thinks. She found herself in painting soon after her marriage, and now she spends at the anvil almost the entire day. Her tutor is a painting guru from Maharashtra. She went to Nepal all the way from Mumbai to find him.

The actress is now confident enough to have an exhibition of her own, and will soon arrange for one. We cannot wait to see what comes out of Manisha’s hands!

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