Manisha Koirala Gets Drunk At Ex-Boyfriend’s Party

Mumbai: The actress was seen at the Restaurant Lounge opening of her ex boyfriend Prashant Chaudhuri at Versova this weekend. The actress looked pretty unrecognizable and hard to imagine that it is the same Manisha we have seen in the films like ‘Mann’.

The actress looked besotted and crapulous. She could hardly stand straight and staggered heavily in her drunken state. In 2010, Manisha married Nepalese businessman Samrat Dahal but their marriage seemed to shake just in a few days.

Quoting Samrat as her enemy the social posts of the actress clearly shows her mood swings from being ‘happy and not’ recently. The matter was stabled when Manisha’s mother came in to say that it was just a minor truffle between the husband and wife.  But now it seems the marriage will not see good times again.

Finally the announcement of divorce was made by the actress at her residence party. She has moved from Kathmandu to Mumbai after making up her mind for the divorce and is now staying in Mumbai.


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