Minissha Kidnapped by Hurricane Irene

We have seen Minissha stuck inside the same room as she was kidnapped by Imran in the movie Kidnap, but something very similar has happened to her in New York when Hurricane Irene hit the New York City two days ago. Hurricane Irene has been in the news for quite time now as this destructive force of nature is causing a lot of danger to many lives and even properties across Bahamas, North Carolina and now New York and New England. Minissha Lamba is currently in New York for an Indo-US cultural event and now she is almost stuck in her hotel room. Minissha Lamba

The news of Hurricane Irene hitting New York City has shocked the New Yorkers and the state department has declared a state of emergency which means that people should stay indoors when this giant force of nature hits the city. Minissha Lamba is now stuck in her own Hotel Radisson room on the 22nd floor as the entire city comes to a standstill. The air services will be restored in a week but till then she will have to enjoy the extended stay in NYC.

Talking about her experience from her hotel room Minissha said that she is scared because the streets are all silent and she cannot imagine New York without traffic. She also spoke about the threatening calls made by someone who warned her not to go to US for this cultural event. Minissha jokingly said that maybe the caller had a premonition of this catastrophe and wanted her to skip this event. She said that she will not be able to make a return soon because all the flights are cancelled and she has no choice but to extend her stay in New York. She also said that most of the New York has been evacuated and people are hoping that this storm would just pass away.

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