Neetu Chandra did wear panties

Mumbai: These past few days an intriguing rumor has been circulating all over town. It seemed than Yana Gupta was not the only one to have done the panty less stunt. The buzz was that Neeta Chandra did the same thing in order to get the attention of the mass media. This news had appears on a website, but the publicist of the Bollywood actress denied it immediately.

The website sustained that Neetu followed the example of Yana and went panty less at a photo shoot, as she wanted to get the advantages and the media focus that Yana got after her stunt.

However it seems that it was all just a mean gossip as her personal publicist wanted to make it very clear that this was not the case of Neetu Chandra and the entire story that appeared on the website in question was nothing else than a misreporting. In fact the actress was determined to take the website to court for the false claims she made but just after this site said an apology for the news.

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