Neha Dhupia – Venerated In the South

Although the beautiful and young actress is not that famous in the world of Bollywood entertainment, sources say that in the south of the country she is quite loved. Sources from the Telugu movie industry are so overwhelmed with her beautiful voice that they have made the decision of using her in the latest movie produced by them.

Even though her acting aptitudes are not so much wanted by film producers in Telugu, her voice has managed to conquer them. The director of the film was very upset by the fact that he could not find anyone to even come close to Neha’s voice. However he is how very happy do to the fact that the actress and singer has accepted to come to Tollywood to take part in his newest film production.

Not only the director of ‘Parama Veera Chakra’ is excited about this collaboration, but also former Miss India herself is quite eager to start working in this production. Thanks to this movie everybody has discovered a new talent of the Neha Dhupia.

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