Neha is single

Actress Neha Dhupia is single again, but she does not seem to be in the condition to start a new relationship soon. She gave a very precise and prompt answer to the press regarding her love life, saying that at the moment, she is not dating anybody, adding that this includes Ritwik Bhattacharya, whom was said to be her lover for no less than 12 years, in many magazines. Neha seemed quite upset with the story, and did not wish to say anything else.

The actress’ fans are in shock. They would have more likely expected a wedding announcement from the actress and Ritwik. The two have had a very low kept relationship, and Neha insists that they are still good friends.

Neha stated that she does not have any regrets, and that she believes that there are several respectable Bollywood producers who think well of her. This is indeed true, as she has done well with her roles and had been in many excellent cinema productions. After eight years of acting, she believes she will last a couple of more years in the industry. Hopefully, she won’t put on more weight until then.

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