Neha Marda met with car accident

The Bollywood actress Neha Marda, known for her Gehna role in the well  liked TV series ‘Balika Vadhu’, has met with a car accident while she was on her way to the airport Kolkata. The unfortunate accident took place on December 11, around 3:30 am. The actress Neha Marda was on her way back to Mumbai when her vehicle hit a lamppost. It seems that unexpected episode took place because of the driver who happened to fall asleep while driving.

Sources state that he was very tired and that is way he felt asleep at the steering wheel of the car. They crashed in a lamppost on the side of the road. In a recent interview the Bollywood actress explained how it all happened. Neha Marda said that she managed to escape after she broke the window of the car. She added that just after this the car was on fire.

Even though she was injured she reached a taxi and caught her flight. In Mumbai she underwent a CT scan, and she didn’t have major injuries.

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