No one in Bollywood is my closest friend – Asin Thottumkal

Mumbai: The beautiful and talented actress from the south, none other than Asin Thottumkal has managed to work in many movie productions from tinsel town alongside the big names from the industry such as Salman Khan, Aamir Khan and Ajay Devgn. However it seems that the actress has not managed to get very close to anyone from B-town, as Asin herself admits that she has no closest friend in Bollywood.

In a recent interview the beauty from the south states that she cannot call anyone from B-town her closest friend, mainly because she was so busy with her career in the tinsel town industry that she has not had the time to get close to anyone. According to her, building any sort of relationship demands a lot of effort and time, and no one in Bollywood has that, believes the actress.

In spite of the fact that she got to know many people her, she has not made a real friend, said the 25 years old super star. She also wanted to add that the large majority of the peole she has worked with so far are her senior, so she has rather a lot of respect as well as admiration for them. She says that she truly feels that she can approach them for almost anything she wants, but the actress admits that this is not even close to friendship.

The beautiful Asin Thottumkal has started her career in the film industry of tinsel town alongside Aamir Khan in the movie production called ‘Ghajini’. After this, the actress went on and appeared in two films alongside the famous Salman Khan – ‘Ready’ and ‘London Dreams’. As for her upcoming work projects, it seems that the actress is keeping rather busy as we will soon have the change of seeing her in the flick ‘Housefull 2’ with Akshay Kumar.

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