Open and shut case for Minissha

Mumbai: Not so long ago the B-tonw actress Minissha Lamba was detained by the customs officials at the airport in Mumbai for the reason that she was carrying with her some undeclared jewellery worth of Rs. 50 lakh. At the time being, the Bollywood super star was coming back from her visit to the famous Cannes Film Festival. We have been able to find out from the actress herself that the officials have spoken, there will be no case against her.

“I have given my statement and the fact is that the jewels don’t belong to me. They were given to me to wear at Cannes by Anmol Jewellers, so I don’t think there is any case against me. The jewelers will be called to verify that is it their jewels and that’s it. It’s an open and shut case,” the
26-year-old actress stated to the media.

If you do not know, the actress was present in Cannes to attend the premier of Woody Allen’s Midnight In Paris. The actress came back to
Mumbai on Wednesday taking an Emirates flight via Dubai.

When asked by the reporters how come she got detained for almost 16 hours by the authorities, the actress answered that “It was just a procedural thing. It wasn’t anything terribly serious. But the whole process is very time consuming. That’s why it takes time.”

The actress who become famous due to her roles in movies such as ‘Yahaan’, ‘Kidnap’ and ‘Bachna Ae Haseeno’ also wanted to add that “The
Cannes experience was fantastic, only the last day was a bit stressful because I lost my bag and when I returned, I was detained. But otherwise it was great and I don’t think anything can mar the experience I had at Cannes.” Well, Minissha, you should really be more careful next time.

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