Paoli Dham – new sensual role

Paoli Dham is now one of the most sensual actresses in the Bollywood film industry. The Bengali actress knows how to show off when it’s necessary and offers great sights, as well as great acting performances. After over a dozen films made in Bollywood, Paoli says she has enjoyed every step of the way. She was noticed first in the film “Kaalbela”, by Gautam Ghose, and has, since then, tried out a variety of film genres.

She is now happy with her international film experience. Paoli is playing the lead role in the film “Mushrooms”, by the famous Vimukthi Jayasundara from Sri Lanka. Shootings for the film have already started, and rumors are spreading that the actress appeared with leeches crawling all over her body. It seems she does not have any inhibitions about taking her clothes off in front of the camera. Paoli has an interesting role, similar to the “Bandit Queen”, portrayed by Seema Biswas. Everyone knows that Seema took off her clothes for the part, and apparently Paoli is about to do the same.

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