People Magazine presents Aishwarya Rai

The beautiful actress Aishwarya Rai Bachchan did not have a good year, all of her films, except one, having incredibly bad reviews and almost nobody agreed to pay to watch them at the theatres. Apart from that, the younger actresses who were launched in the film industry in Bollywood more recently have reached the headlines and stayed there throughout the year.

Nonetheless, Aishwarya is not the kind of woman one just forgets. Plus, she is an excellent actress, and the public remembers her with pleasure. She does not consider she gave all her best to Bollywood, as she has a lot more to offer. Thus, she is not willing to end her career here, and has many plans and wishes for the year to come.

Her fans can now read about all the thoughts the actress has, as she gave a full and quite interesting interview to People magazine. Fans have already seen the cover of the magazine, which presents a lovely picture of Aishwarya. In the interview, the actress cleared all rumors and controversies related to her personal life.

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