Pooja Batra getting divorced

Los Angeles: After eight years of marriage, Pooja Batra has decided to throw her marriage away and start all over again. Pooja and her husband, an orthopedic surgeon who is based in Los Angeles, dr. Sonu Ahluwalia, have been separated for several months now, when Pooja moved out of her hubby’s house.

Pooja has been visiting India quite frequently, which gave rise to some wicked rumors and speculations about her marriage and the unpleasant turn it has taken. Now that the rumors have proven to be true, we have dug up a bit and came out with some answers. It seems that the cause of their problems is kids. Dr. Sonu is getting desperate to have a child, and after being married for eight year, who could blame him?

The problem is that Pooja is not yet ready to bring a child to earth, as she cannot be sure about the state her body will be in after the pregnancy. She is desperately trying to make a career in Hollywood, but nothing seems to be working out for her.

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