Prachi Desai and Arun Vijay in Tamil film

Mumbai: Rumors are that the beautiful actress Prachi Desai has been getting quite a few proposals from the state film industry for over two years now. However, the actress has always turned them down as she has been waiting for a good script to appear. But now it seems that a decent script has finally managed to come her way, and therefore the actress is more than ready to enter the Tamil industry.

In this film to come, the actress Prachi Desai will be starring opposite actor Arun Vijay in the movie production directed by Magizh Thirumeni. The camera director will be Sukumaran and the background music is the work of Thaman. From what we have been able to find out it appears that the lovely super star has been given quite a substantial fee in order to star in the film in question. Until this moment, the name of the movie production remains uncertain, however the shooting for it have just began. We can’t wait to see what will turn out.

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