Preity is not selling IPL team Kings XI Punjab

New Delhi: The actress Preity Zinta occupies her time off shootings with the IPL team she owns, the Kings XI Punjab, with her partner Ness Wadia since 2008. There are many rumors stating that the actress will be selling her team due to alleged financial difficulties encountered. Preity came out today and made a special statement, announcing clearly that she will not be selling the team under any circumstances.

Preity insisted in her statement that she has been working very hard to build the team, and it is now her baby. No cost could compensate for it, the actress added. She feels very positive about her team. The actress added that she could never leave it, as she has been associated with Kings XI Punjab for a too long time. At the moment, Preity is busy with the TV show “Ab India Todega”, about the Guinness Book of World Records, which she is hosting.

The team is dealing with a very controversial problem at the moment, but Preity is confident that things will settle down in due course of time.

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