Preity returns from Shirdi unpleased

New Delhi: Shilpa Shetty shared with us the spiritual peace that she felt during her visit to Shirdi just recently, so another actress decided to check it out. Preity Zinta visited Shirdi as well, but returned with very unpleasant memories from there. She said that she was pushed in the pilgrim city by the media.

The actress posted on her Twitter account her very unpleasant experiences of being bullied by the press, and the ‘serene face and energy of Sai Baba’ was not amongst the memories the actress can relate now. Basically, she went there for one thing, but did not enjoy it due to the press. Not nice!

Preity Zinta simply does not understand why there is such a rush for stars and celebrities, even at a pilgrimage site, where people should come to be at peace, not harassed. Well, we must admit she does have a strong point. People cannot even pray as they should, with all that massive crowd of journalists wandering around. The sacrifaces one must make to be a celebrity! Dreadful!

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