Preity, Shilpa turn friends from foes!

It seems that the two actresses have put aside their differences and made up with each other. They shared a strained relationship due to their IPL commitments but have managed to past aside and become the giggly friends they used to be.

According to the reports both of them had a misunderstanding in the earlier days of IPL which led to a prolonged exchange of words and pot shots at each other. Apparently Preity had asked some one from the industry about how come Shilpa was able to wear expensive clothes and jewelery and carry designer bags. She also enquired about the financial status of Raj Kundra who was then allegedly dating Shilpa before they got married last year.

When the news of Preity snooping around her private life reached Shilpa, she could not believe it and she retaliated by asking about who was backing Preity. Thus the potshot war started between the two and words would be exchanged whenever the two crossed paths.

But recently on a long flight together both of them spoke to each other at length and managed to overcome their past. It seems that the two of them have managed to handle awkard situations.


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