Preity Zinta had trouble in the airport

New Delhi: The actress Preity Zinta had some trouble yesterday, related to the Chandigarh Airport officials, while she was stopped for a security check. According to an official, the actress and co-owner of the Kings XI Punjab IPL team was stopped by the CISF – the Central Industrial Security Force – right before boarding on her flight to Delhi. Preity was asked to prove her identity, and instead of showing them her passport, the actress simply declined.

The security officials deployed there and the actress started a heated argument. The director of the airport, H. S. Toor, insisted that the CISF officials were only doing their job, while Zinta wanted to board her flight without presenting any proof of her identity.

The airport officials cleared that the incident came to an end soon, immediately after the actress showed the proof of her identity. She was then allowed to pass and board her flight. If she would have presented her identity proof from the beginning, there would have been no incident at all.

The KXIP officials denied any incident taking place.

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