Preity Zinta, sitting and hoping for a comeback

Mumbai: “No One Killed Jessica” was a huge break for Rani Mukherjee and the stage in her career has started. She has now signed for another film, in which she will appear next to Aamir Khan.

Now, it seems things are getting tense, a déjà-vu from a decade ago, when the actress had a real competitor in Preity Zinta. Preity has not been having much luck with her career lately, but she is waiting for the role that will ensure her a strong and impressionable comeback. For two years now, when she got a role in the film “Videsh – Heaven on Earth” which was not a Bollywood production, the actress has been out of sight, and almost forgotten.

The only professional silver lining for the actress has been her IPL team getting reinstated. We haven’t heard anything about any films, nor about her personal life in a while, after her break-up with Ness Wadia. Preity is still waiting for that comeback major role to come along, and no one knows she was not given the chance to prove herself once more.

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