Preity Zinta to Host Chat Show

Desperation can make you do things that you could never imagine and something similar is happening with some of the stars in Bollywood that once had all the love and support of the audience but now they are nowhere in the limelight. Something similar has happened to the Kya Kehna girl Preity Zinta. This bubbly character girl who gave out some strong performance in Kya Kehna, Dil Se, Kal Ho Naa Ho and Veer Zaara is now desperate to make into limelight. She tried to get into the scene with her IPL Punjab Kings XI team but she only made her problems worse. Preity-Zinta-Chat-Show

Now Preity is trying to go the Simi Garewal and Karan Johar way and she is trying to host a new chat show will be aired on the yet-to-be launched channel UTV Stars. The title of the show is Up Close and Personal with PZ and Preity Zinta will call in a list of Bollywood stars that will come on the show and answer all their secrets and public questions live on the television. Many experts claim that the response might not be that great because people are already watching such shows like Coffee with Karan.

However, for the very first show Preity Zinta has decided to call in her best friend Akshay Kumar for the show. Akshay already has a tight schedule but considering his friendship with Preity he has decided to come for the show. There are reports that Preity asked him some personal questions which were never asked before on any other television show. Insiders say that Akshay was very sporty to answer those questions honestly so there will be a lot of content available for the viewers. The date for the show is not yet decided but that will only happen once the channel is available.

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