Preity Zinta wants to be seen multi-dimensional

Even though this Bollywood star has always been seen as a girl next door, she has grown tired of this image and wants to change the way that people see her at the moment. After a period of ten years during which she has been a significant part of the Bollywood industry, Preity Zinta would really appreciate if everyone would refer to her with other superlatives than bubby.

In a recent interview the actress said that it is about time for everyone to see past her looks. She would really like people to admire her for her other qualities, such as her acting skills and other qualities. Preity Zinta also added that she is ‘multi dimensional’. At the age of 19 it would have been ok to be called like that by today it is a whole different story.                       

Regarding her recent trip to London, the actress said that was more than impressed by it. She had a really nice time at the Oxford Union, from which she had an invitation to interact with the students.

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