Priyanka and Rani refuse choreography

The two Bollywood celebrities have apparently made the decision of not following the instruction of the choreographer. After watching him dance and after it was explained to them the entire dance routine, the two beautiful actresses decided it was not fit for them.

They got at home and hired their personal choreographer to show them a totally different dance than the presented on the set. The following day they exposed an entirely different routine. In order to make it even more exiting, both of them decided to add quite a lot of jhatkas and latkas. Of course the choreographer was not to please about this sudden chance. He was left thinking was did he do so wrong.

As all may know by now, both Priyanka Chopra and Rani Mukherjee will be performing on the date of December 31 at the Big STAR Entertainment awards. The event is meant to honor all of the most interesting and outstanding talents of the Bollywood entertainment industry. The show is expected to be a memorable one.

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